Thought out down to the last detail

KLEMM Bohrtechnik develops and manufactures drilling systems that are tuned for performance and efficiency right down to the last detail. The right genuine drilling accessories play an important role in allowing you to access the full potential of the systems. KLEMM supplies everything that is needed on site.

The complete range of drilling accessories is the result of decades of experience

• Drill rods for rotary, rotary percussion, overburden and double-head drilling

• Drill rods for geothermal and flush drilling

• Drill bits

• Flushing heads

• Casing extractors and casing breaking devices

• Rotation and rotary percussive augers, displacement augers, hollow stem augers

• Preventers for double-head and duplex  systems

• Jet grouting flushing heads, tubes, nozzle holders, nozzles etc.

• Tools


We also offer site-specific special solutions in addition to our standard drilling systems.
You can find further information in our drilling accessories brochure. 
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