KLEMM Bohrtechnik offers comprehensive customer service – throughout Germany, Europe and the world. Experienced service technicians provide rapid assistance in the event of problems, carry out equipment handovers, training, commissioning, regular maintenance and also expert examinations.

Hydraulic and electrical specialists

The KLEMM service technicians are specialists in the fields of hydraulics and electrics – they know KLEMM drill rigs inside out. Furthermore, they have round-the-clock online access to all design blueprints and circuit diagrams, wherein problems can be rapidly isolated and any necessary spare parts can be quickly procured. In the event of more complex challenges, the specialist technical departments are on hand to provide support at all times.

Global service

KLEMM service technicians are rapidly on site with fully-equipped service vehicles within Germany and the surrounding countries. If international support is required, KLEMM technicians are flown in or the local KLEMM partners will send their service teams. The respective dealers – KLEMM has a worldwide presence with more than 80 distribution and service sites around the globe – often keep stocks of the most frequently required consumables and spare parts, and also drilling accessories, in consignment warehouses. Anything that is not in stock is quickly sent via air freight.