Newly designed KLEMM KR 806-5G


With a working weight of approximately 21 t the newly developed KR 806-5G enhances the line–up between the KR 806-3F (approx. 17 t) and the KR 807-7F (approx. 26 t). Driven by the implementation of the latest emission regulations this drill rig fulfills - as one of the first world wide - the TIER 4 final standard. The KR 806-5G supersedes the current model KR 806-5F (Tier 4 interim). The newly developed machine concept, which was specifically designed for use in the special foundation industry with a focus on tie back and micro pile work has the capability to carry heavy masts and large drilling systems. The newly designed machine kinematics allows for vertical drilling outside of the track area.

This new type of machine kinematics offers the unique advantage that even when the machine chassis is standing on uneven ground it is possible to independently adjust the articulation set-up cylinders to reach a new drill spot within the Cartesian grid. This eliminates complicated overriding set-up movements.  For this new kinematic principle a utility patent was issued.

The kinematic load carrying capability is 6,5 t. This allows for the combination of heavy hydraulic hammers, large double head systems, drill units with heavy vibro-heads and magazine sizes up to the patented MAG 6.0. 
In order to equip the drill rig KR 806-5G with these heavy drilling systems and to ensure the necessary stability the rig has, just like its predecessor, a total width of 2700 mm with ground plates of 500 mm in width. The oscillating type B2 tracks were lengthen by 310 mm.
The drive train was changed in several points in respect to the predecessor machine. The heart of the drive train is a 6-cylinder Deutz diesel engine type TCD 6.1, which fulfills the latest emission standards (EEC 97/68 EC Stage 4). The rated engine power is 180 kW @ 2.000 RPM. The exhaust system is standardly equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and a SCR-catalytic converter to reduce the NOx in the exhaust fumes. The burner unit, which was installed on the Tier 4 interim engines and was used to automatically re-generate the particulate filter, has been replaced by a new heating principle. Added to the exhaust system is the mixing section between DPF and SCR-catalytic converter, which is used to inject urea (AdBlue).The patented power sharing system used on the KR 806-3F is also integrated in this newly developed drill rig. The power sharing technic enables an optimal power distribution between the two main hydraulic pump circuits. 

The complete drive train including the exhaust treatment system, pumps, electronics and hydraulic valve banks are protected under a canopy. The principle of positioning all controlling elements on to the left hand side of the machine allows the right hand side to be free of standard components. This concept, offers the flexibility to install optional equipment such as flushing pumps, power washers, generators, welding machines, cranes et cetera.

The control system of the machine is based upon electrically actuated mobile hydraulic valves with the possibility to manually actuate if necessary. This takes into account the future requirements of the amended European Drill Rig safety standards. In future we will offer as an alternative to the tried and tested standard radio remote control an on board control stand, which emulates the user friendly ergonomics of the hydraulic control arm.
The official release date for the new KR 806-5G is June 2014.

The machine will be shown to a professional audience at the Bauer In House Exhibition from the 10th to 13th of May 2014 and there it will be presented to its new owner.