New drill rig for FUNDAMENTERING AS


On the occasion of the recent BAUER in-house exhibition Harald Weber (KLEMM) and Bo Pilskär (GEOMEK, KLEMM representative for Scandinavia), celebrate the hand over of the KLEMM universal drill rig KR 801-3FS to their long-time Norwegian customer FUNDAMENTERING AS (FAS). Also the symbolic key was ceremoniously presented to Kenneth Brandtzaeg (drilling rig operator) and Runar Stjern (supervisor).

For FAS, who already own 5 more KLEMM drill rigs, the KR 801-3FS will be the perfect addition to their fleet. They will soon use the new rig for micro pile drilling applications with outer casings up to ø 273 mm.

Many thanks to FUNDAMENTERING AS for the good cooperation and successful drilling with the new rig!