Assembly of KLEMM rigs in the United States


With the acquisition of the diesel hammer manufacturer PILECO in Houston in 2005 BAUER Maschinen GmbH now holds production and distribution facilities in the United States. With the purchase of a 300.000 square meters (80 acres) plot BAUER increased their engagement in the United States. Bauer Manufacturing Inc. purchased the largest plot in the industrial area of Conroe near Houston.

More than 20 million US dollars will be invested in the new location during the first construction phase. As the first company of the BAUER Maschinen group KLEMM Bohrtechnik GmbH started with the assembly of drill rigs in summer 2008. The drill rigs type KR 806-3D are being built in a hired assembly shop

Rudolf Grüneberg, managing director of KLEMM, said: “With a view to central and South America, this location is extremely attractive. Both these markets have enormous potential. In addition, we are strengthening our engagement in the US and Canada. We also want to become more independent of the exchange rate between the US dollar and the Euro. The current exchange ratio of the dollar and the euro is currently making exports from the euro zone to the US more expensive.” According to Mr. Grüneberg, a Houston base is also attractive due to its proximity to the Mexican border.

The assembly shop being rented at present is only a temporary solution until next year’s launch of full-scale production in the new 17,650 m² manufacturing facilities of BAUER in Conroe. At present rigs are assembled from components shipped by KLEMM Bohrtechnik from Germany. In future the purchasing of materials and the manufacturing of components will be carried out in the US.

“Until the completion of the new factory, we are using the time to train local personnel,” said Mr. Grüneberg “Then, after the move into the new facilities, we can start full-scale production without any further delay.” Personnel recruitment is under way and new employees have already been trained at the KLEMM factory in Germany.