50th KLEMM drill rig for Stump Spezialtiefbau


The most enjoyable time during an exhibition is the handing over of a new machine to a customer.

Again, on this year’s BAUER Maschinen Open House, we had the pleasure of presenting to the management and engineering department of Stump Spezialtiefbau GmbH the symbolic key to their now 50th KLEMM drill rig.

Mr. Roy Rathner and Mr. Hubert Maurer of KLEMM Bohrtechnik thanked the managing director of Stump Spezialtiefbau Mr. Rinke and also the attending employees of Stump Spezialtiefbau and Porr Equipment Service for the longstanding close collaboration which started with the purchase of their first KR 806 in the year 1985 and has continued until today: “We are extremely pleased that Stump Spezialtiefbau, one of the leading contractors in the special foundation industry, has again chosen the technology from KLEMM Bohrtechnik with the purchase of their new KR 806-3F"