New multi purpose solution


KLEMM Bohrtechnik will deliver the newly developed KR 806-3F as a multi purpose solution for tie back and micro pile work with vibro-drill system RHV 2400. The machine is also equipped for High Pressure Injection work with mast extension and hydraulic mandrill type KH 12SK. 

The RHV 2400 with a centrifugal force of 150 kN and a working frequency of 60 Hz is presently the most powerful vibratory head available on the market. 
The portable and light weight radio remote control unit to operate all drill, tramming and set-up functions allows for the best overview in all operating modes and drill positions.

Also the newly developed remotely operated 2-channel flushing unit is on board. It is suitable for all flushing mediums and designed in simple detachable modules giving it easy serviceability and longevity.  
The patented HPI-rod guide offers highest safety standards in drill mode with lattice mast extensions and spot guide. 
The machine is pre-equipped for an additional crane.

During HPI operations a MAT hose pump can be used to cleanly transfer the borehole returns from the job-site. The pump is powered by the on-board hydraulics of the KR 806-3F.
The electric generator allows for welding and grinding during installation work at the borehole without the need for extensive electric cables on the jobsite. 
An additionally installed winch supports the smooth installation of armour. A power washer with hose reel completes the unit and makes the necessary cleaning work as easy as possible.
Our customer, Denys from Belgium, will shortly deploy this machine on to challenging job-sites.