EuroTest - Award 2016


from left to right: Prof. Frank Werner (BG Bau), Dr. Carl Hagemeyer, Dipl.-Ing. Roy Rathner, Georg Stahl (Managing Directors, Klemm), Dipl.-Ing. Jochen Blens (Head of Engineering, Klemm), Tim Türich (Parts &  Service, Klemm)

KLEMM Bohrtechnik was awarded with the EuroTest Prize 2016 during the official reception of the BG BAU at the bauma exhibition in Munich. The award was given for the innovative implementation of the occupational health and safety concept for the newly developed KLEMM modular rod handling system (HBR series).

The manual handling of casings and casings with inner rods in specialist foundation engineering and comparable fields necessitates the entry into the hazard area of a drilling rig. The development of a manipulator system is aimed to fully eliminate associated hazards (e.g. crushing or being drawn into the machinery).

The key component of the modular handling system is a hydraulic grab that has up to three individual clamping jaws. Due to a geometrically ideal kinematic transmission just one cylinder is required that combines a linear motion (thrust jaw) and two pivot motions (pivot jaws) in such a way that the points of contact to the drill rod are always on concentric circles. A larger diameter range is covered without having to change the clamping jaw inserts, as was previously the case. An advanced development is also the grab with passive roller bearing points in the pivot jaws and driven rollers in the thrust jaw. Drill rods or casings are clamped tight and can be made to rotate, thus mechanising the previously manual screwing processes.