Practising responsibility

HSE – Health, Safety and Environment. The basis of the KLEMM company philosophy is the protection of people and the environment. With this in mind, the company focuses consistently and continuously on the implementation of stringent health, safety and environmental standards.

Occupational safety

At KLEMM Bohrtechnik, occupational safety is a practised, dynamic process. Each month, the occupational safety representatives (HSE – occupational safety team) meet at KLEMM to identify possible hazards within the company and to implement measures for continuous improvement. Regular site inspections, toolbox meetings at workshop level, briefings on hazardous materials, registers for hazard analyses, implementation of relevant checks and also training and qualifications contribute towards making work at KLEMM as safe as possible.

Regular medical examinations for KLEMM employees that exceed the statutory standards are a fixed component of the KLEMM health concept. An emergency management system that is available around the clock in the case of medical emergencies abroad is provided for KLEMM sales and service staff that travel worldwide.

Social responsibility

As an internationally orientated company, we acknowledge our social responsibility. The consistent goal of our actions is sustainable development in all respects. It is important to us that we consistently live up to our social responsibility. To achieve this, we harmonise the attainment of economic goals with social and ecological issues. For KLEMM Bohrtechnik, this specifically means: We are economical with natural resources, we are involved in and help to shape the social environment of our sites, as a training enterprise we offer employment prospects for young people and offer our employees good, fair working conditions.

Certified product safety

All KLEMM drill rigs are manufactured in accordance with the EU Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) and the associated product standards, and are delivered throughout the world with CE conformity certification. In addition to the internal conformity assessment, KLEMM Bohrtechnik arranges for type approval examinations to be carried out by an external testing and certification centre. Labelling of the KLEMM products with the Eurotest mark shows that they consistently comply with the EU Machinery Directive.

Consistent environmental protection

KLEMM Bohrtechnik focuses on sustainable management and hence very specifically assumes responsibility for current and future generations. In line with this, resources are conserved and environmentally-compatible materials are used wherever possible. Waste water from production passes through an extensive cleaning process, all products are painted with low-solvent paints. Overspray is reduced by the use of electrostatic coating processes. Welding fumes and exhaust gas are extracted using modern filter systems, an energy-saving compressor generates the required compressed air. Regenerative energy is used to heat and cool the building, and KLEMM also operates an in-house photovoltaic plant. Furthermore, KLEMM drill rigs are also the leaders in terms of energy efficiency and emissions reduction (CO2, NOx and soot particulates).