Drilling and injecting

KLEMM Bohrtechnik not only supplies the complete range of drilling equipment, it also supplies everything that is needed for high-pressure grout injection systems, e.g. of cement suspensions. The systems are matched to one another in terms of function, and together contribute towards accelerating the overall process.

Jet Grouting Systems

• Drilling tubes for
    • One-phase system (grout)
    • Two-phase system (grout - air)
    • Three-phase system (grout - water - air)

• Flushing heads, nozzle holders, nozzles, drill bits

• MBS 5 Drilling Data Recording System

• Grout batching and mixing plants

• Suction pumps for backflow
• Hose pumps

• High-pressure injection pumps on request
    • Power rating 240 – 600 kW
    • max. pressure 700 bar
    • max. capacity 400 l/min

• Drill rigs

Product Range

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