NEW - Geothermal drilling rig KLEMM KR 708-3GW


Compact and lightweight, the newly developed KR 708-3GW complements the KLEMM product range for cased drilling with a double-head drilling system in the near-surface geothermal energy sector.

High performance combined with compact dimensions and lightweight design - these are the key benefits of the new geothermal drilling rig from KLEMM Bohrtechnik.

With the successor to the KR 707-1W series of drilling rigs, KLEMM is expanding its product range in near-surface geothermal drilling sector. This sector reaches from the construction of single-family homes through to large scale projects with several dozen boreholes on one construction site. Borehole drill depths of up to approx. 200 m can be drilled.

In comparison to competitor machines, the integration of a pendulum chassis and a slewable articulation provide a special off-road mobility, and the flexibility of setting up the drill mast at the drill attachment point. As a result, the KR 708-3GW is also used wherever the most difficult construction site situations arise, for example in the retrofitting of geothermal heating systems on existing structures in the so-called refurbishment business.

With the double-head drilling system provided as standard, a wide variety of soil formations are mastered quickly, and at little risk. A drill mast equipped with a retraction force of up to 100 kN, and the protective casing rotary drive with a maximum torque of 24 kNm allow large casing depths should the probe borehole need to be sunk in unstable ground.

A lifting device attached to the double-head sled facilitates the handling of the probe reel, which is used to install the geothermal probe in the borehole. In addition to a EURO V-certified diesel engine, Power Sharing - developed and patented by KLEMM Bohrtechnik, and the EEP Energy Management System are additional modern technologies that are used to conserve resources and protect the environment.