Successful Premiere for new Drilling Rig KR 704-3G


Only recently handed over to KLEMM's long-standing customer GbE Grundbau Essen GmbH, the newly developed KLEMM KR 704-3G was put to work in a residential area on the outskirts of Essen.

There, under an existing building, the KR 704-3G was used for backfilling and exploratory drilling work for the detection and elimination of mine subsidence. The boreholes were drilled up to a depth of 36 meters using the 108/70 mm duplex drilling technique.

The new KH 12 rotary head proved to be particularly powerful, achieving outputs of max. 260 rpm or 6.6 kNm with its 3 switching stages. The Essen-based company is very pleased with the successful and trouble-free operation of its new drilling rig.