KR 801-3FS in use in the renovation of a church


Unusual surroundings for a drill rig — the Catholic Sint Hendrik Church near Brussels is currently being renovated. The church was built between 1908 and 1911 in the neo-Gothic style, as a replica of a Dominican monastery.


Before the restoration work could be carried out, the existing foundations of the church had to be extended in order to transfer the load of the church building to the lower layers of earth.


CVR nv, headquartered in Beringen, Belgium, has been using drill rigs from KLEMM Bohrtechnik GmbH for many years. For this project a KR 801-3FS drill rig from KLEMM was used to make micro-piles and cement columns using the 1-phase jet grouting method.


The work, which needed to be performed in part under some very tight spacial constraints for example, along the existing foundations of the church, required a drill rig with compact dimensions. With its flexible and load-bearing boom for aligning the drill mast in a wide range of drilling gradients and distances in front of and to the side of drill rig, the KLEMM KR 801-3FS was a great choice for this job. The installed drill mast with lattice mast extensions permits drilling depths of down to 13 m in single-pass operation. The drill rods are driven by a rotary head type KH 14SK, which is fitted with a hydraulic mandril for drill rods up to a diameter of 114.3 mm.

A total of 123 HPI piles with diameters of 70 cm and 90 cm and a length of 8.5 m were drilled (of which 38 were 180° sector piles with a diameter of 90 cm) The load on the piles amounted to 560 kN for 70 cm diameter piles and 1,111 kN for 90 cm diameter piles.