Good, exciting jobs!

Within the framework of the development and production of high-end drill rigs, KLEMM Bohrtechnik offers exciting duties – and not only for people that are interested in technology. In a positive working environment that is characterised by appreciation and esteem, KLEMM employees benefit from personalised development and excellent perspectives.

Stay with KLEMM

People that choose KLEMM Bohrtechnik as an employer tend to stay. Labour turnover levels are low and identification with the company is high. KLEMM intensively trains its own junior staff and creates prospects through personal development. This creates wide-ranging opportunities for employees to make expedient use of their own talents and to shape their careers in accordance with their own ideas. Flexi-time accounts give the scope to flexibly shape working times and e.g. to balance them with the requirements of private and family life.

A good togetherness

The KLEMM company culture includes actively reinforcing the way that employees interact with one another as well as offering a good work-life balance. You can get an overview of the many communal sporting activities at – the Sauerland offers excellent conditions for diverse activities from running and mountain biking right up to triathlon. And for those that want to enjoy city life from time to time, the cities of Cologne, Dortmund and Essen are close by.


We provide training:

In the commercial sector

In the commercial-technical sector

  • Industrial mechanic
    Mechanical and plant engineering 

  • Cutting machine operator
    Lathe systems

  • Electronic engineer  
    Operations technology

  • Construction mechanic
    Steel and metal construction

  • Specialist for warehouse logistics

  • Technical production designer
    Machinery and plant engineering


Diploma theses and student research projects, specialist work placements

Upon request, we can find subjects for students of mechanical engineering for bachelor, master and diploma theses and specialist work placements.

Contact address

KLEMM Bohrtechnik GmbH
Mr. Thomas Klocke
PO Box 12 65
57484 Drolshagen

Tel.:     0 27 61 / 7 05-125